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Registration for admission is to be made in December and the candidate appers for the interview along with the parents on the assigned date.
Applications for admission and registration are considered only at specified times.
Every admission is granted after a selection test, the syllabus for which will be of the standard below the one to which admission is sought.
Admission will be done stricltly on merits of the candidates and subject to the number of seats available in each class. Any effort at presenting a donation to the school or seeking admission through recommendation will debar a candidate from getting admission.
It is the right reserved to the principal to determine the class for which the pupil is best suited. The decision may be based on the entrance test conducted. Candidates, therfore, are advised to find the date from the school office in advance.
The Management reserves to itself the right to admit or refuse pupils seeking admission to the school.
Registration is no guarantee for admission.
Eligibility for admission to the Nursery class after the age 3½ years, but before the completion of 4 years.
At the time of admission the photo copy of the birth certificate from Municipal Corporation or from the Pradhan of Grampanchyat along with an affidavit for the date of birth should be submitted. The date of birth once entered will remain unaltered. Transfer Certificate of the last school attended should be produced at the time of admission.
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