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Absence from the school must be supported by a leave letter from the parents or guardians of the student.
For leave on medical reasons, leave application should be submitted in advance.
Medical leave application should be accompanied by a medical certificate.
A pupil suffering from infections/conragious disease shold produce a doctor’s fitness certificate permitting him/her to attend the school after the prescribed peroid of quarantine.
CHICKEN POX : 6 days after the disappearance of the first crop of vesicles.
MEASLES : 7 days from rash.
MUMPS : Untill swelling of salivary gland has subsided which may take 9 days from the appearance of symptoms
Except in the case of unforeseen illness, no leave may be taken without prior written application from parents/guardians.
All are expected to attend class on the opening day after each of the vacations. Those absent without leave will be fined Rs. 20 per day. Those absent because of sickness must inform the school before or on the reopening day and present medical certificate before they are admitted to class., falling which they must pay the above penalty. Absence with leave for more than five days immediately after a vacation renders the student liable to dismissal. Re- admission if granted will be done on payment of the usual entrance fee.
Every absence (sick leave or otherwise ) must be enterd briefly in the NON- ATTENDANCE AND LEAVE RECORD pages of the hand book and signed by parents or guardian. For failure to do this, a fine of Rs. 20/- will be levied. Absence from school prior to a test or on the day of test and on Saturdays that are marked as class days will adversely effect the student’s grade in the test.
A written application must be submitted before the withdrawal of a student from the school. The application for Transfer Certificate must be submitted in the school office along with a fee of Rs. 75/-.
All dues to the school shall be settled before issuing the Transfer Certificate.
If a pupil is to be withdrawn the term, full term’s school fees must be paid before the T.C. can be issued.
At least three full day’s time is to be given for issuing any certificate or document from the school.
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